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Old New Synagogue (Alt Neu Shul), Prague
Thanks to enlightened fathers of city at the beginning of 20th century (who, while demolishing the old ghetto, still decided to preserve it's more important buildings) and later to crazy idea of Nazi occupants (who wanted to establish a museum of annihilated race there) the synagogues of Prague survived the whole turbulent last century.
Most of them are serving as a museum today, but the most important one - the 1280 Alt-Neu Shul (Old-New Synagogue), the oldest still serving synagogue in the world, is in use and open both to tourists and prayers (not at the same time, of course).

Just across the narrow street you will find another serving house of worship - the High Synagogue (because of it's being at the second floor, unlike the traditional ground floor). This, however, is an orthodox synagogue too.
The Spanish synagogue (Ashkenazic, build in Moorish style and thereby called Spanish) is used by a reformed community or used for special occasions, esp. weddings.

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